Individual Instrumental / Early Childhood Music Group / Instrumental Group

Instrumental Group Lesson
(For Age 5 & up)

Children Choir (For Age 5 - 8)
Age 5-8 This singing class will help the children to develop their singing voice naturally, it will teach children the fundamental singing techniques, breath control, correct posture, phrasing and singing in tune etc. Children will gain more self-confidence through the frequent performance opportunity with the various styles of songs.

Rock Band Class (For Age 7 & up)
Age 7 & up The rock band class is a performance class for beginners who have been taking private lessons for at least 6 months. Each student needs to be able to hold a tune on their instrument. This class will focus on the process of warming up with a band, learning songs and performing those songs as a band. We will cover topics such as memorizing parts, song structure, comping and soloing, how to make band practice run smoothly, and other fundamentals of playing music with a band. This is a great class for drummers, guitarists, pianists, and vocalists. Throughout this 11 week class, we will practice important concepts of playing with other musicians and then we will choose two songs to learn and perform on the last class. Through this process our students will gain a great deal of confidence in their ability to play and connect with other musicians.


For more information regarding the Program and Tuition: Please contact us at
510-793-1899 (Fremont) or email at: attn: Fremont Campus
650-578-1899 (Foster City) or email at: attn: Foster City Campus
925-803-1899 (San Ramon) or email at: attn: San Ramon Campus

Prices and classes are subject to change without notice.